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Lesley Gray was tireless in her efforts to assist with the comfort, benefits and needs of the Fergusons. Lesley responded to every whim as she managed each of their financial, legal and medical needs. She listened to family members and devised the best plan. Lesley is the most dedicated, sincere and caring person. If you need a “daughter” to ease your mind and well being, Lesley is the answer.


Despite my earlier belief there was no rest for the weary, Lesley has proven this a fallacy. She has never ceasing availability and the ability to allow this doctor, who worked some eighty years, the peace of mind and rest that has been a long time coming. Her honesty and hard work have been much appreciated. Her 24/7 availability and dedication felt like a reward for the first time and effort I put in during my service as a physician.


As the name of Lesley’s company indicates, Lesley was like another daughter to our family over the last few years that we have worked with her. With myself and my two sisters located out-of-state, we could not manage the day-to-day care related items for our mother including arranging doctor appointments and meeting with the doctors in person to learn about the details of the medical issues and the treatment plans. Lesley did a terrific job providing these services for our mother. Lesley also was very helpful as we went through the transitions with our mother from living by herself in a house, to moving to independent and assisted living facilities, to entering the Hospice program, and the final a move to a memory care unit. Lesley’s commitment to her clients was demonstrated when she made herself available, on very short notice, to spend an evening and part of the night with our mother in the hospital a couple of days before she passed away (before family members could arrive to be with her). She worked closely with the doctors to make sure that she was comfortable and reassured our mother that she was not alone. We always will be grateful for the care that Lesley provided our mother, and for the guidance that she provided our family, over the last few years.


AnotherDaughter™ has provided my dad and me with invaluable support and service when it was needed most and then some. Lesley and her team are truly caring and compassionate people, and Lesley has helped my family more easily handle the anxiety and frustration that come with having an aging parent. Her knowledge and experience in working with medical insurance, primary care, and specialty care providers make her uniquely skilled at navigating their complex networks while helping families best support the health, safety, and independence of their elder loved ones. I am personally grateful for everything Lesley and AnotherDaughter™ have done for us, and if we had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you!


Lesley came to rescue me from my very messy home office just in time, since my wife was ready to evict me if I didn't do something to " fix the office." Lesley immediately started working on things that she and I agreed needed to be improved quickly. She organized all of my files, and we got rid of everything that was old and not important. Then she recycled, shredded, filed, and cleaned up the entire space Now everyone is delighted with the new, uncluttered look! Lesley is great to work with (not pushy or judgmental), and she really knows what she is doing and she gave me great ideas that will be easy to use going forward. It feels good to be so organized.


What would I do without a "Lesley?" Where else would you be able to find 24-hour-no-questions-asked service from an individual who already knows and cares about your senior? Not only is Lesley on call 24 hours a day, but she is skilled in senior care in a vast variety of areas. I am a college student and solely responsible for the care of my grandmother, a lady who happened to require memory care as well as extensive physical recovery after she fell alone in her home. She was also a compulsive hoarder living in a three-story house in complete disarray. Lesley patiently and diligently helped me through every step of the way -- organizing 24-hour watch at the hospital; helping me locate a room in memory care; sorting mountains of paperwork and mail; and coordinating all the follow-up doctor's appointments. I simply would not have been able to get through it without her. I cannot imagine anywhere else where I would have found the kind of personal care and attention that Lesley offers her clients. She is one-of-a-kind and I couldn't be luckier!


While I was out of town my mother took a turn for the worse, becoming very confused, agitated and unable to manage in her assisted living facility without additional help. Lesley assessed the situation, talking with staff at the facility, briefed me by phone on mother's status, and arranged for several excellent sitters to come in and stay with mother. She made sure mother was comfortable with the sitters and coordinated scheduling with the facility. When there was a gap in the schedule, Lesley stayed with mother herself. Without Lesley's help, I would have had to cancel my trip and return; and I know I could not have found such compatible sitters on my own, much less managed the scheduling on such short notice. I highly recommend her services to any caregiver.


I have such a sense of relief plus accomplishment with the help of AnotherDaughter™ Neither of which would I have without Lesley's coaching along the way of decision-making and paper management. I appreciate your affirming smiles and encouragement.


My 88 year old mother fell and broke her hip while we were visiting her from far away. All the important details for her hospital stay and rehabilitation were a bombardment of unexpected work. Lesley's service turned out to be helpful in a variety of directions, from getting assistance with the house and paperwork, to running errands, organizing and planning for the coming months.


From taking my mother to doctor’s appointments (and giving me a full report) to helping her with her clothes, picking up items at the drugstore, and looking after her other personal needs .... I have much better peace of mind knowing that you are on the scene and taking the kind of care of my mother that I would do myself. She feels much more secure, as well.


Lesley has been a financial consultant and accountant for me and looks after my friend's financial needs. I have been very pleased with her taking over these rather complicated accounting procedures. She has efficiently managed various accounts, paid her bills, and looked after other needs. I highly recommend her and her skilled services to anyone.


In July 2005 I fell and broke a bone in my right hip. My daughter needed help in getting my home and business papers in order. I think that whatever your needs, Lesley can readily provide the help you need.


Anyone considering private care should definitely ask Lesley Gray. I had her help and was most pleased. With family away I was concerned about having my needs met. Lesley made me feel completely at ease. She took me for doctor's appointments, shopping, for lunches, and fun trips. It all made the time run smoothly, quickly, and happily.

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