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Gordon was in assisted living. He was depressed and took to his bed when he could no longer navigate around on his scooter. His room was piled high with untended papers, and he wasn’t eating. AnotherDaughter™ was called in by Judy, his sister, who was concerned because she lived out of town and couldn’t be there for him as often as she wished. AnotherDaughter™ organized his room. They met with the executive director, head nurse, division director and floor staff of his facility to ensure Gordon was getting the attention he needed. It was determined that he needed someone with him daily, so a companion was engaged. AnotherDaughter™ went with Gordon on doctors’ visits and prepared written reports. They also worked with Gordon and his family to make sure powers of attorney and end of life paperwork were in order. His family was encouraged to be more connected and Gordon was happier with the increased attention. The family was pleased to be more involved.

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