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Anne called Lesley with great relief when she found out about AnotherDaughter™. Anne had been caring for her elderly relative, Susan, for the past few years. Susan had Alzheimer’s and was in a nursing home. In consultation with Lesley, Anne determined that Susan needed assistance with her paperwork. As a result, Anne submitted a change of address for Susan, and now all of her mail comes to AnotherDaughter™. They monitor her investment accounts, bank accounts, insurance filing – and all other paperwork. They pay her bills, prepare paperwork for the CPA to file her taxes, and do a monthly report for Anne. They also take Susan to the dentist, the only doctor who doesn’t come to her. AnotherDaughter™ talks with the insurance company to resolve claim issues and to the nursing home personnel to coordinate care for Susan. All was in order, and Anne was so grateful.

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